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Import an OVF from your desktop to a vCloud Org Catalog

03 May 2012

Have you downloaded a really cool appliance in OVF and want to quickly upload it to your vCloud Director Org? The Web UI would be one way to do it, but I sometimes run into issues with the java uploader. Here's a simple PowerCLI method to get your OVF appliance from your desktop into your Org:
$ovfPath = "C:\users\me\desktop\MyCoolAppliance.ovf"

$orgVdc = Get-OrgVdc "My Org vDC"

$catalog = Get-Catalog "My Catalog"

Import-CIVAppTemplate -SourcePath $ovfPath -OrgVdc $orgVdc -Catalog $catalog
As a subjective observation, it seems to run a lot faster than the Java uploader, but pending a real speed test, it's just another way to upload an OVF into your catalog. :D
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