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vCheck6 Utility Commands

08 Feb 2012

A quick video on the plugin utility commands found in vCheck 6! For more info, be sure to visit the vCheck 6 release page, and visit the vCheck Plugins page to browse the available plugins. Don't forget to thank Alan for all of his hard work on vCheck!   If you are not the video watching type, here are some helpful tips: 1. In order to access the vCheck Utility Commands. You must 'dot-source' the file:
. .\vCheckUtils.ps1
That's dot[space]dot, for those reading this on a mobile device. ;) 2. The list of commands will display. The basic functionality is as follows:
Get-vCheckCommand # Get commands found in vCheckUtils.ps1
Get-vCheckPlugin # Retrieve list of plugins
Add-vCheckPlugin # Add plugin from
Remove-vCheckPlugin  # Remove an installed plugin
3. Some common uses: List Plugins not installed(available from repository):
Get-VCheckPlugin -notinstalled
Get a plugin by name:
Get-VCheckPlugin -name "Plugin Name"
Get a plugin by name and install it from the repository:
Get-VCheckPlugin -name "Plugin Name | Add-VCheckPlugin
Get a plugin by name and UNINSTALL it:
Get-VCheckPlugin -name "Plugin Name | Add-VCheckPlugin
Get all plugins that are NOT installed, and install them (warning, lots of plugins!):
Get-VCheckPlugin -notinstalled | Add-VCheckPlugin
Need more help?
Get-Help Get-VCheckPlugin
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