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Cleaning your vCloud Director Thumbnails (current.png)

21 Sep 2011

Thumbnail images. You know 'em, you love 'em. vCloud Director uses thumbnails to give you a preview of the screen without opening up the remote console. Kinda handy, except that well...they are just a black box most of the time anyway. vCloud Director stores these thumbnail images as current.png on the datastore in the VM's folder. An interesting side effect of this feature comes whenever you migrate/svMotion a machine managed by vCloud Director. It leaves the folder along with the thumbnail (current.png). So, if you are shuffling VMs around on your datastores, stuff can get sloppy looking pretty quick. Why is this? ESX doesn't know (or care) about the thumbnail image. The following PowerCLI script will go through a particular datastore, looking for orphaned current.png files. It will then delete the file and the VM folder, successfully keeping your datastores nice and neat! NOTE: Thanks Dean for testing and the bug fix!
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