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My Powershell Christmas Wishlist

06 Sep 2011

Dear Santa Snover, I met you briefly following a PowerCLI session at VMworld and gave you a part of my wishlist, but didn't want to take up your time at that point. Here is my FULL Christmas wishlist!
  1. JSON support, like XML support. To Quote Jeff: "Watch this space."
  2. A fix for the XML <item> bug! HERE!
  3. ISE in a web browser. Heck, I would even take just the console. Something like THIS. This would kinda give cross-platform support for those who use OSX or Linux.
  4. Intellisense in ISE for cmdlets and .NET namespaces. I love ISE because it is so lightweight. All the other IDEs I have tried are too slow. All I want to do is code.
  5. REST API support. This one is kinda iffy, as I can easily use [System.Net.Webclient], but built in XML/JSON validation would be sweet, or maybe even build a PSobject from an XML/JSON namespace.
  6. Multi-threading support that doesn't require me to load 3rd party snapins for each job. Or, more specifically, doesn't hog memory like it's going out of style.
That's it. Just six requests. I can't guarantee whether I am on your naughty or nice list (I did mention Linux...), but these sure would be swell additions.

A cool Powershell polo would be nice too.

Jake Robinson
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