Infrastructure as Code


Cloud Automation with PowerCLI

20 Aug 2012

I have the distinct¬†privilege¬†to present with Alan Renouf and Eric Williams this year at VMworld. The session is entitled "Automating Bare Metal to the Cloud and Beyond." In this session, Eric will demonstrate the use of PowerCLI and UCS PowerTool to quickly deploy your own cloud infrastructure with a single script. (Amazing!) After the cloud is built, I will share how real world examples of how Bluelock uses PowerCLI from a provider standpoint. From on-boarding new clients to gathering performance statistics, PowerCLI is a big part of the automation strategy at Bluelock. It doesn't end there! I will also share how vCloud Organization users and admins are using PowerCLI for reporting and automation of the public and hybrid cloud! You'll see some cool examples of how PowerCLI can best the vCloud Web UI! Alan will be sharing some great PowerCLI learning resources as well, making this session not one to be missed.  
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